MoCity Jones – New Ground Collab [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

chill, eclectic, lyricism

Tell us a few things about your new son New Ground Collab. What is the main idea behind it?

New Ground Collab was an independent group of rappers djs producers singers poets all working together to create something different. Me and Oscify were both contributors to NGC and we made this song as a paying homage of sorts. This song really hits home for me cause it felt like it was 20 years in the making. Everyone on NGC really inspired me and I definitely wouldn’t be rapping without them.

For which lyric you are most proud of?

“Versify my penmanship I’m coming with a new sound” versify being one of Oscifys biggest albums. I strive to bring something new to the table every time I step to the mic. Fun fact I actually name drop some of my favorite Oscify projects throughout my verse. Oscify in turn name drops a lot of people in NGC, not everybody there’s too many to name honestly but I know someones going to be salty about not being mentioned.

Your music has an old school vibe. Are you into today’s Hip Hop? Or do you prefer to listen to old classics?

“The old school” feels like home to me. But I ain’t gonna front like there ain’t a ton of talent bubbling right now. The industry is just really over saturated and you have to dig through the crates so to speak. I’m really digging Kota the friend, marlon craft, and elzhi to name a few.

Trap music came to rule the world, but at the moment the genre feels stagnant. What does the future hold for hip hop in general?

The sound likes to go in cycles, each one different than the last. From boom BAP to trap to grime, auto tune and mumble rap. But I think we’re done seeing sweeping changes within the game. We won’t see boom BAP again or anything but we might see a sub genre of boom BAP or hip pop. I personally dabble in many sub genres of hip-hop & rap. I have trap, and boom BAP albums, Which is fine it’s all about staying true to yourself.

When not writing music, how do you spend your time?

When I’m not writing or working on music I’m spending time with my daughter she just turned two and it feels like she was just born. it’s amazing being a father, just a wonderful feeling.

Future plans?

I have a sequel for my album “journey to lost” coming out called “Journey II.” Drops April 29th. I’m also working on an anime inspired drum and bass album currently And I’m super excited about it!

Thank you!

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