Dre Day 100 – I’m Not Crazy [Interview]

Your sound has an oldschool touch. Tell us a few things about I’m Not Crazy. What is the main idea behind it?

You already know I gotta stay with that old school touch ya feel me. Well I’m Not Crazy was inspired by some events that was going on at my job at Wash N Roll car wash. You know those events where you dealing with some rude customers that take things to the next level. So instead of expressing myself with giving that person a right hook to the jaw, I just figured ay why not just put them frustrations on wax ya know. Rather spit some bars about it than spend some time behind bars about it. Plus a lot people worldwide can relate to these events. So it’s just something to bump to when you having a hard day at work ya know.

What’s the best way to deal with rude customers?

Just keep yo self in check, say what you gotta say in a calm matter, and just fall back cause most times they just setting you up. They just trying to trap you.

Can you share us something funny that happened in the car wash?

Someone parked in the vacuum lanes and started rushing to the office but pacing awkwardly. That foo went to the bathroom in the office and blew it up in there. The big boss and the regional manager both walked in the office as that dude was leaving and as soon as the big boss walked in the bathroom, he stumbled upon a massive doo doo bomb all over the toilet. Then the big bosses ole funny ass had my manager go clean it up.

What first got you into music?

The influence from my dad, uncle’s, and cousins forming a rap group and doing their thang. I was always listening to their CDs as a child and then like a year later I was writing some raps of my own and spitting at the cafeteria tables in elementary. Of course they weren’t that great looking back on it but back then I was feeling myself. And then I’ll doing it on and off throughout my teenage years but then finally at age 17 going on 18 that itch to finally start recording myself and do something with that talent started itching a lot if you catch my drift. Started experimenting with recording and putting music out on SoundCloud for like 2 years then I really started taking up a notch. Doing music videos, performing, and opening up for big artists. Ya know. All that.

Favourite rapper, lyricist and producer?

My favorite rapper and lyricist has to be C-Bo. Favorite producer that one’s a tough one. I guess I gotta go with Dr. Dre. He really set the tone for G-Funk.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Just be patient in life. Stop thinking with a scarcity mind set. Remind yourself that you don’t need nobody to make you happy. You don’t need no one’s approval to make you happy.

One last thing we should know about you?

I gotta EP that has just been completed. To all my fans and supporters y’all help ya boy spread the word out. “I’m Not Crazy” is one of the songs on the EP so you already know it’s Gon be bumping and slapping. Be on the lookout for the “1Hunna Man” EP. And also ya boy has been getting in to boxing so stay tuned to see me on Shotime.

Thank you!

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