L.Teez – Studio Blue

Signed on Hidrophonik Records since 2020, Montreal-based jazz-rap singer and songwriter L.Teez is a one-of-a-kind artist with a unique style. He is the product of different cultures, his father being from Quebec of Kabyle descent and his mother Chinese and Jamaican. He mixes sharp rap styles to create a universe of his own, between avant-garde jazz and old school hip hop, between Tyler The Creator, Flying Lotus and Pusha T.

“Waves is a song that shows my growth as an artist, both production & song writing wise. There was a lot of work that went into making it sound the way it does, big live drums triggered with heavy hip hop sounds around them.”

L.Teez crafted “I Need You” in a jam session fashion, with drums, keys and bass. Impossible to resist.

“Never Thought” is part of his new album “Studio Blue”, a real calling card of the young artist, where we can feel all his jazz, soul, funk influences, coupled with a devastating flow reminding the American pioneers of the genre…

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