Some Dub Stories – Purple Tribe

Purple Tribe is the first single from Some Dub Stories, the first story in the band’s visual and musical epic.
It’s the melodic loop of the bass, slow and repetitive, that takes us into the world of Purple Tribe, joined by the familiar Dub beat. The loop is fed by a soaring guitar riff, soon joined by a jazz trumpet. The sounds multiply; here we are enveloped in an electro-acoustic Dub symphony.
On the video side, thanks to a high-level graphic realization, we discover the fifth member of the group, the turtle Obaba.
Obaba leads us in his cosmic journey, where however the environment seems familiar; a people demonstrating, bad guys in armor, the caricature of a former American president… If the music is dreamlike, the message of Purple Tribe is political, as evidenced by the voice samples present on the track, whispering “Make Racism Wrong again”.

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