Juliet Callahan – Spotlight [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

Unapologetic, edgy, and empowering.

Tell us a few things about Spotlight. What is the story behind it?

Spotlight is a blend of alternative pop with a touch of trap thrown into the mix, inspired by Rihanna and Britney Spears’ high energy tracks. This track represents another milestone for my career as this is my first release where I played the role of the singer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer. Spotlight is about celebrating who you are with my main goal being to bring out the confidence in oneself/my listeners, whether that confidence is buried beneath negative emotions or has already scratched the surface. This track is about loving yourself and embracing who you are while letting go of negative energy.

How difficult is it to play the role of singer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer at the same time?

Now that I’ve been doing this for over a year at my home studio it comes pretty easily to me. When I start a session with myself I already know the vibe/energy I intend to go for and will pick the instrumentation/sound accordingly. I have so much fun and it feels really rewarding to have the ability to create a song entirely myself. I also love being able to produce my own vision the exact way I want to. Of course I still love to collaborate with other producers/engineers because it’s great to combine creative visions and learn from each other in the studio, however, to me it’s a luxury to have the skills to execute a song the exact way I envisioned it.

Artists and people who have influenced and inspired you?

My inspiration is a wide range of different artists. I grew up listening to classic rock icons and some of the first music I listened to was Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Queen because of my parents. However, once I was gifted an ipod Nano (when they first were invented) in elementary school I got to expand the artists I listened to. From a young age I loved listening to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez. As a kid I would always dream that one day I could be like them. Naturally as I grew older and as technology advanced making it way easier to explore/stream music, my taste continued to expand. Other artists who have inspired me on my journey as a musician are Lil Peep, Juice Wrld, Skizzy Mars, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Three Days Grace, AC/DC, and Bring Me The Horizon. My writing has also been inspired by author/philosopher Albert Camus and poets like Sylvia Plath, Robert Frost, and Dylan Thomas.

What would be your dream performance venue?

The Super Bowl and headlining at Coachella.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

When my mental health was at a low and I was doubting myself I lost who I was, so if today I could go back to that girl I was and give her some advice I would tell her that everything happens for a reason. Rejection and self doubt was something that used to really get to me when I was younger so I would tell her “I know right now you feel misunderstood and lost but this is part of your journey to success and personal growth. The pain you’re experiencing will turn into your power and shape who you are. As much as feeling this way can lead you down a rabbit hole into a dark place, just know that you will overcome this. You have so much to say, you’re smart, driven, and have been given this creative gift that you can share with the world. Don’t let anyone tell you different and go with your gut because that will be what turns out best for you and girl you already know you don’t take shit from anybody. Continue to do what you think is right for you and know that you’ll end up in the right place if you work hard and trust your intuition. Even on the days when you wake up heavy and it’s hard to escape the pain. Know if you could see yourself into the future and what you’ve already accomplished you would be fangirling right now. Trust the process. This is how you learn to love yourself and that alone will grant you the wisdom, grit and motivation you need to succeed.”

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

The most trouble I got into was when I was putting others first at the expense of my own well being and safety. I have always been a very giving person which is one of my best qualities but was also one of my biggest faults. I had to learn to set boundaries for myself and with others by experiencing the consequences of caring about others more than myself. I used to think it was my job to save other people from their own issues and I didn’t understand how much that held me back. I was naive and surrounded myself with a self destructive crowd which was damaging and abusive to myself, but in turn it forced me to level up and it is one of the reasons I am so strong today. I learned a huge lesson because of my experiences and I will never let people cross my boundaries like that ever again because no one is going to change just because you want them to. That only comes from within. I don’t regret a thing because I had to go through the motions in order to grow and become who I am now. I had to deal with the consequences of putting myself through that but now I look at life as the glass half full rather than half empty.

Thank you!

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