Tha Building – TYBAH [Review]

Tha Building’s latest single, “TYBAH,” is a soul-rock powerhouse of energy and goodness that will have you grooving from start to finish. The collaboration with Nate’ the Soulsanger adds an extra layer of soulful richness to the song. The driving guitars, pumping drumbeat, and powerful organ all come together to create an infectious sound. The vocal delivery is top-notch, with strong and soulful lead vocals, backed up by equally impressive harmonies. The guitar solos are particularly noteworthy, adding even more rock energy to the song. If you’re looking for a track that will get you pumped up and engaged, “TYBAH” is the perfect choice. Overall, this song is a standout in the soul-rock genre, and is sure to be a hit among fans of both soul and rock music.

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