Proklaim – Priceless [Interview]

Can you tell us about your inspiration for “Priceless”?

I’m always perusing through beats online and it was on one of these routine exercises that I stumbled across the beat and liked it. I got straight to writing what it inspired in me and recorded the song. The message was one of keeping moving forward through life’s seasons aware that there are reasons you go through stuff baring in mind that Providence and a Guiding hand are often at play.

What is the message you aim to convey through the song?

Have faith through life’s seasons. We’re all on unique journeys and often yours in designed specifically for you.

How does this release compare to your previous work in terms of style and message?

I do believe the message line with alot of my other material leading up to where I am right now. It’s a message of hope and trusting that there are seasons and purpose to all things.

How has your background and upbringing influenced your music?

It has been fundamental to all things that I do creatively.

First being born to Ugandan parents in the UK and raised in Southern Africa and traveling shaped my sonic tastes.

My first language is English and I was not raised speaking my parents language hence I gravitated to music that was primarily English.

I went to an International school and got exposed to various cultures and people’s that further shapes my world view with hiphop being the global language of the last 3 generations and still going strong I became a fan of it and it shaped alot of what I do.

What do you hope listeners take away from this song?

Hope and faith in a purpose for their existence and in A Source to all things relating to why they are here.

Biggest fear?

Not exploring and exhausting all my potential.

Can you give us a sneak peek into what fans can expect from your future releases

I’m currently looking to work on collaborative efforts with artists that I respect and inspire me whether past or currently trending acts.

Thank you!

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