Ryan Mills Presents – Blasphemy [Review]

the action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things.

Ryan G. Mills spent more than ten years consulting with independent artists across different music genres. Through this experience, he discovered his passion for creating music that fosters community connections by promoting exceptional talent. Ryan Mills Presents achieves this by carefully choosing emerging and established artists for innovative collaborations. The works of these artists are unified around the vision and direction of Ryan Mills Presents, and they include both nationally and internationally recognized talents.

The collaboration between 1st Official’s production and the vocals of Vic Frost, Paranom, and Illogic on the track “Blasphemy” creates a hauntingly dark atmosphere. The diverse flows of each artist add to the track’s intrigue and keep the listener fully engaged. The classic hip hop beat with its heavy subs, provides a strong foundation for the flows to shine. The distorted “Blasphemy” vocal layered in the background adds a level of tension and unease that complements the overall tone of the track.

Click play. Embrace blasphemy.

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