Love Ghost x Big Boss Mulaa – Tales of a Sad Boy [Review]

These are the tales of a Sad Boy.
Love Ghost and Big Boss Mulaa joined forces to create a moving EP which comprises four tracks. The EP is characterized by a blend of soulful guitar patterns and soul trap infused beats, producing a sentimental and melodic atmosphere. What distinguishes this EP is its genuine and unfiltered approach, which is beautifully honest. The lyrics of the songs draw inspiration from the emo culture and are richly expressed. “Heartless” delves into the intricate emotions of loneliness and the anxieties and doubts that emerge from suffering relationship trauma. “Lethargic” captures the feeling of being stagnant or stuck at a specific stage in life. “Samurai” encourages listeners to transform into a warrior and face their internal battles with courage and determination, while “Train Tracks” provides a deeply personal account of experiencing intense emotional pain and developing a profound sense of empathy towards those who have gone through similar traumatic experiences. Join the emotional ride below!

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