Kobenz – Gothbxch (ft. Spaceman Zack) [Interview]

You have mentioned that you have been inspired by a previous tumultuous and toxic relationship. Which is your most personal and honest lyric?

I would have to say the sentence that hits me the hardest is probably one from my new song Sour Lemon, “Counting all the days I’ve been trapped inside your cage, clipped my fucking wings then you told me I was saved”, This one is just so true, after my first crazy ex I got back together with another one. I was really vulnerable at the time and I couldn’t eat, drink, or do basically anything at that point. At first she came across as if she was my white night swooping in to save the day, however I would soon learn, despite the false promises she was the same controlling, manipulative, toxic person she was when I first broke up with her. Even though we weren’t right I will still always appreciate her being there for me and wish her no bad blood. We have always made great friends.

How to support someone who feels suicidal?

Oof, well everyone is different, all I could recommend despite being there for them is to really listen to what they’re saying. If they are serious and are confiding in you with that type of trust, don’t just nod your head or try and make their feelings seem invalidated. A lot of the time someone is suicidal, a big part of it is usually that they feel alone. Isolation can really tip someone who is on that course over.

What does hip hop symbolize in your opinion? And what emo rap brings to the game?

To me hip hop symbolizes poetry and a cohesive way to tell a story. I chose hip hop because I felt it was the easiest way for me to tell my personal truths in a way that just structurally made sense. As far as emo rap? I don’t consider myself as part of that genre, I feel that the genre is very general in terms of being an umbrella term for all of the different genres of alternative hip hop. I know artists like Lil Peep and Ghostmane are usually referred to as emo, but I wouldn’t call it that. If anything Peep is more grunge/pop-punk and Ghostemane is metal. I’m usually referred to as a “goth” and while I definitely have some goth influences in my style and sound, I definitely wouldn’t say I’d fit in that one category.

Why sexism, and even outright misogyny, is so pervasive in Hip Hop culture?

I couldn’t answer that question to be honest. If I had to take a guess I would say its the seeing attractive women as trophies. I’m not about it. I get criticized for my song gothbxch once in awhile, but I don’t think many people really analyze lyrics as deep as I do. Gothbxch is actually a satire on the modern festishization of mental illness and E-culture. I really find the whole “simp” “liltiddygothgf” bullshit cringe as fuck.

Do you think there is a true underground hip hop sound today?

Definitely, but you won’t hear it unless you spend a couple hours searching through SoundCloud. Truly underground music doesn’t stand a chance in the mainstream. Everyone wants catchy, simple, melodic, and repetitive. That’s the formula to a successful hip hop song.

When not writing music, how do you spend your time?

When I’m not writing music, I spend time plotting world domination.

Best music related film?

I love montage of heck, but it’s all bullshit. Most of the information given about Kurt is stuff Kurt said to mess with people like the ones who exploited the hell out of everyone involved to keep them Cobain dollars coming in. It’s truly beautiful.

Thank you!

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