Youthstar [Feature Story]

“OUT PAST CURFEW” is the outcome of the exclusive collaboration of the two MCs and performers Youthstar & Miscellaneous (Chill Bump) in a unique opus. Taking advantage of unexpected free time, they turned 2020 into the perfect year to develop the project and make it happen. It’s hard to overlook the eclecticism, the richness of the subjects covered, the completely crazy flows and the head banging loops of this album whose creation process was the fastest of their respective careers.

Last straight line before the release of the album “OUT PAST CURFEW” from the combo Youthstar & Miscellaneous (Chill Bump) on October 29th with the edgy single KITSUNEGARI between Grime, Bass Music and UK HipHop produced by Mr Frenchwax from the group Supachill. The track drops with a musicvideo in the image of this crazy song and prepares the ground for the title DROPPING LIKE FLIES which will accompany the release of the album at the end of October.

CLASSIC is a true tribute to the 90’s boombap and to all the great MCs who made Hip-Hop. Youthstar & Miscellaneous, surrounded by Cheeko (french rapper from the band Phases Cachées), Skillz & Vex, 2 hyped DJs & scratchers, on a super efficient and sampled production by the beatmaker Degiheugi. One by one, the 3 Mcs express all their consideration for their elders, from Rakim to Jay-Z, from The Roots to the Wu Tang, and even from Doc Gyneco to Mc Solar… they admit frankly that they wouldn’t be here today without them ! “If it weren’t for all of y’all there wouldn’t be none of us… The magic 90’s brought us all to this rap shit!”

“2 shots no chaser” is the first single from the joint album “Out Past Curfew” by Youthstar & Miscellaneous (Chill Bump).
No different from these two entertainers, the track diffuses the same vibrant energy that the MCs deliver on stage. Between two shots of vodka, this colorful music video, shot in the streets of Barcelona, perfectly reflects the different shades they intentionally painted in this opus. It’s the first taste of their explosive upcoming album!

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