Bobby-G – Big Face Hunnids [Official Video]

Bronx-native Bobby-G has honed his craft for the better part of a decade with an unwavering passion for making music and telling his origin story. Starting his musical career at the Nuyorican Café performing spoken word at open mic nights, Bobby-G continues to find inspiration in the words of James Baldwin and hip-hop storytellers like DMX, Jay-Z, and The Notorious BIG.
“I want to be known as an artist first. Rapper second. I want to be known as someone who has a deep love for the craft and is dedicated to pushing the culture forward. My purpose in music is to identify the tangents in my life and connect them with societal issues to create a soundscape that helps people navigate through it all.”
Navigating the industry from a mindful distance while focusing on his career, Bobby-G is ready for his resurgence, and his new LP, Gawd Have Mercy, is a testament to that dedication.

“This project is for the dreamers, believers, and overachievers. It’s a love letter to a friend who passed before reaching his zenith and a way for me to connect his dream with the world. It’s for those of us who are looking for a second wind to actualize our goals. There are songs and mantras on the project that I hope will be used as reminders to help motivate anyone trying to realize their dream.
We are all in search of faith, and this doesn’t necessarily mean religion. Faith could just be finding someone close to you that you can rely on or seeing that someone else has similar experiences through their music.”
Gawd Have Mercy blends traditional and contemporary sounds in high-powered tracks throughout the first half of the project like “Big Face Hunnids,” and “Chariots of Fire.” Closing out the project with the soft, subtle tones of “Famous Nobody Pt 2.” Through seamless writing and production, this LP brings to life 13 new tracks that tell a cohesive and unique story of struggle, growth, perspective, and daydreaming.

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