Dorian – Reign Love [Review]

Waiting for so long, please let me have that moment..
Dorian, the breakout Baltimore, Maryland artist returns with his new track titled Reign Love. The track is a first taste of the upcoming album release “The Arrival: Dream World Pt.2”. Dorian’s sound is characterised by his expressive vocal delivery which is enriched with professionally crafted back vocals. With this track the artist is showcasing his ability to produce contemporary music that is moving while at the same time has a feel good factor. The lyrics reflect the moments everyone experiences at some point of their lives, the times in which you are waiting for a change, from a small one to a big one that will change your life forever. The instrumental has an r&b sound while it incorporates some soul trap elements like the signature trap hi hats. The song comes with a video clip that captures perfectly the aura of the song, starring Dorian himself. Listen below!

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