J. Adams – What Kind of Man

Singer-Songwriter and Producer J. Adams hails from historic Selma, Alabama. Currently he works out of a home studio called “Evan’s Room”, in Prattville, Alabama where he resides. His passion in music started at a young age riding in the car hearing timeless songs from the likes of Donell Jones and Joe. His musical ability in production, singing, songwriting, and engineering are all self-taught from videos, practical application, forums, and trial and error, focusing on topics of relationships and the trials of self-realization. His recording career started in 2009, in a friend’s small home studio, and his first home studio rig consisted of a dell laptop and a USB guitar hero mic, using free DAW software. Throughout the years J. Adams has focused on perfecting his craft and has been known to have a keen ear for melodies and beat selection.

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