Dorian – Blast Off (Radio Edit) [Interview]

What inspired you to release your EP ‘33′ and what is the significance behind the title?

I turned 33 last July, and I really wanted to mark where I am personally, spiritually and sonically as an artist!

How did you approach blending R&B and Drill styles in your track “Blast Off”?

I was inspired by artists like Chris Brown who have found awesome ways to blend the genres. I wanted the song to have the energetic feel that drill brings, but also bring a more smooth and soulful R&B style vocal to it; while writing an inspiring message to it!

How do you see the R&B and Drill music scenes evolving in the future?

I definitely see the two worlds blending more and more in music. I see drill continuing to take off as its own sub-genre around the world. And R&B is going nowhere, it’s here to stay!

What sets your music apart from other artists in the same genre?

I think it’s that it’s hard to actually pinpoint me to a particular genre. There’s a blending of so many influences. I think while many mainstream acts fit into a particular mold as far as song subject matters and style; I definitely march to the beat of my own drum. I want to be sure my songs are filled with substance, Soul, and my life experiences. That makes it unique to me.

How do you handle criticism and negative feedback on your music?

I think we all have opinions and our own tastes. I respect it to a degree. But there’s definitely a difference between negative feedback and constructive criticism, in which I appreciate the latter. Lol

How do you balance your personal and professional life as a musician?

It’s very hard and it’s something I’m still learning to do!
But I say it starts with patience, and pacing. Everything doesn’t have to get done everyday. Do what you can and compartmentalize the rest!

In your opinion, what role does music play in shaping and reflecting culture and society?

It plays one of the hugest roles in society and culture. Music helps shape and move the culture. It’s one of the most powerful mediums in the world; something we can’t see necessarily but can feel. It can set the tone for an entire decade or era of time!

Thank you!

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