Mikhi – Myself & Everything [Interview]

Describe your sound in 3 words

genre blending/bending

Can you discuss the concept behind your EP “Myself & Everything”?

It’s based on a journey of self discovery and other things that come with it – when all is said and done, there’s only so much a person can give/take

How did you blend Synth Pop, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, and Neo Soul to create your unique sound in this release?

Sometimes I tend to be unconscious of tailoring my music to specific genres during my creative process, which I believe aided the collaboration with Brandon Faris, who by the way, did the most amazing production on the project

Can you talk about the tension between unrequited love and self-reliance explored in the EP?

the resultant(self-love) comes from the realization that a person may not always like what they get (unrequited love), but if they love what they give(self), it may just be enough…

How has your experience working on this EP with a producer located in a different country influenced your music-making process?

It’s an eye opening experience every time but mostly thrilling and exciting. I get inspired and get to learn more with every encounter

What can fans expect from the EP and your future music releases?

…something new, true and relatable to you

Thank you!

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