Steve N’ Chris – Remix Kings vol.1 [Review]

Steve N’ Chris latest mixtape, REMIX KINGS features remixes of popular tracks by artists such as DJ Khaled, Babyface, Lil Baby, Tems, Diddy, Ella Mai, and Metro Boomin. The mixtape includes eight tracks that highlight the duo’s talent for reimagining existing songs and creating something fresh and original. Their music features a blend of cool and sensual vocal deliveries, rap flows, and classic trap-oriented elements and R&B arrangements reflecting their Trinidadian legacy, which is intertwined with their Brooklyn identity, giving their sound a distinct flavour. The mixtape’s notable feature is its diverse range of tracks, with each song offering a distinct atmosphere that collectively creates a unified and enjoyable listening experience. The majority of the tracks have a positive and energising vibe that will get you excited and hyped.

Steve N’ Chris comprises Steven Hall and Chris Lord, who are brothers with a 20-year spanning musical career.The mixtape is released under the label Under the Roof of Crown Luv Entertainment, and it is undoubtedly a hit. A must-listen for fans of hip-hop, R&B, and trap music, who are looking for fresh and exciting sounds.

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