Ben Kelly – Senses [Review]

Ben Kelly has returned to the music scene with his latest track, ‘Senses’, a soulful and emotive song bound to make a lasting impact. At the core of this work is Ben’s expressive vocal delivery, which adds an extra layer to the soft production. The track is characterised by its bedroom/lo-fi aesthetics, lending a sense of intimacy and rawness to the overall sound. The heavily filtered beat creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that instantly envelops the listener, while the sweet organic sounds of the guitar and bass, also heavily filtered, add a touch of organic warmth to the mix.

Lyrically, ‘Senses’ has a romantic tone, exploring the complex emotions that come with falling in love. This theme is perfectly complemented by the song’s dreamy, atmospheric sound, making for a deeply engaging listening experience.

So sit back, relax, and let Ben Kelly’s ‘Senses’ take you on a sensory journey like never before!

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