CH/ZZY – Late Start (Review)

Guess who! CH/ZZY.

CH/ZZY’s new album “Late Start” is a tour de force of classic trap beats, heavy 808s, and skillful flows that showcase the artist’s versatility in the hip hop genre. From the opening track “Guess who?” to the closing track “Empty pages,” CH/ZZY delivers a collection of tracks that are characterized by nicely dark moments, playful old school elements, intriguing bass lines and chill trap vibes. The instrumentals provide ample room for the flows to shine and take the lead.

The album also incorporates R&B elements, clever use of samples, numerous acoustic elements, fancy horn sections and lovely choir vocals creating a rich and diverse sound palette, while demonstrating CH/ZZY’s attention to detail. CH/ZZY exudes confidence throughout the album, delivering both infectious and catchy hooks, as well as emotional and intense verses that keep the listener fully engrossed. The more oriented rock techniques but also the breakbeat influences only add to the already dynamic experience. Overall, CH/ZZY’s “Late Start” is a masterful album that showcases the artist’s range and skill as a rapper and producer. It is also presents a chance for the listener to embark on the artist’s journey and gain an authentic understanding of who he truly is. Check it out below!

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