Qeeran – GIVE AND TAKE [Review]

Is all about give and take, huh?
Qeeran’s latest single, “Give and Take,” is the final release before his upcoming debut album, “In Retrospect,” which is scheduled to come out on April 17. The song features pleasant and inviting key chords that establish the mood right from the beginning while the drum beat is fresh and organic. The skilled and sensual vocal performance is the driving force behind the track, complemented by harmony rich and nicely manipulated back vocals and vocal chops. The production, as a whole, creates a dreamy and atmospheric vibe, with the added guitar providing an additional organic layer. The song’s theme delves into the concept of unevenness and unfairness in a relationship, conveying the exasperation of providing too much to someone who may not be worthy of it.It narrates a genuine tale of desiring mutual exchange, sensing unloved and bitter because of insufficient reciprocation, ultimately resulting in the decline of profound emotions. For the best experience,we recommend listening to the song during your personal “me” time, particularly in the late hours of the day.

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