Bex & Bright – Run It Up | My Style [News]

Capturing the dichotomy of knowing ones potential and being trapped by the short changing expectations of others, “Run It Up” is a powerful encapsulation of life under modern society. Similar to the nail biting tension of living under the gun, the lyrical prowess is a stark reminder not to ever underestimate the downtrodden. The first single off the debut album by Bex & Bright showcases their emotional and melodic range offset by the featured rapper 1L1L’s knife’s edge seething delivery. The track infuses drilling percussion, thundering bass, and haunting choral elements.

Next on the list, “My Style”, where Infectious Philadelphia emcee GradedAxe joins the incomparable production duo Bex & Bright to deliver another instant classic. GradedAxe pairs a truly impressive vocal performance with one of the hard-hitting ethereal beats that Bex & Bright have become known for. This track is a true earworm and one that you will want to have playing on repeat.

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