Milla Thyme- Exaltation [News]

Rising R&B talent Milla Thyme positions himself for commercial success with the release of his single “Exaltation”.

The single is described as a “sonic journey into the transformations I have undergone in my own personal life” says Thyme. Exhibiting his ability to note an intersection amongst genres, Thyme is venturing deep into the synthesized soundscapes to create a new sound that effortlessly blends his hip-hop, electronic and gospel roots. The song opens with sultry female vocals repeating “Exaltation” and a groovy beat to quickly get listeners in the R&B headspace. Immediately upon the song’s opening, one can hear the fusion of hip-hop, electronic, and gospel elements – a dash of bass, guitar, chords, synthesizer, oohs and ahhs, and an irresistible groove. Thyme’s rapping could not be crisper, with excellent timing, lyrics about transformational freedom and the self, and a tone that feels powerful yet simultaneously meditative. Further representing his ability to work cross-genres, Thyme makes his listeners feel motivated yet completely calmed with the various musical elements incorporated into the new single. The paradox of sensations from the track makes it all the more addicting to hit the replay button.

Milla Thyme is a true devout artist building on the foundations set before him and fearlessly molding it to the present day and time. Born and raised in Toronto, based out of Montreal, Milla Thyme’s artistry is unique and, on a technical level, irreplaceable. By intertwining his skills as a rapper, bassist and producer/composer, he has set the stage for himself as a socially conscious rapper and proficient musician who has earned critical praise amongst his peers and across Canada.

Being influenced by so many different genres, musicians and artists, Thyme prides himself of blending Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, and Jazz into his craft. His songwriting and well-crafted verses speak to the experiences we all go through, making it easily accessible and universal. He looks to the iconic influential musicians like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis, to be inspired to push boundaries and make music that will stand the test of time.

For this track, Thyme teamed up with Vancouver based, Grammy and Juno nominated keyboardist/producer Jonny Tobin. Over the last few years Jonny Tobin has established himself as one of the most sought after producers in Canada, working with artists such as D-Smoke (LA), Sarah Kang (NYC), and Jonny Burgos. With their two talents combined, “Exaltation” feels like as much a promise from the rising star to outdo himself as it does declare him a presence of evolving R&B music.

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