Qeeran – IN RETROSPECT [Review]

Qeeran, a queer artist hailing from Melbourne, has released a new album entitled “IN RETROSPECT” which takes listeners on a poignant and introspective journey, delving into the artist’s life experiences such as migration, love, heartbreak, personal growth, and self-love, spanning across the 9 tracks of the project. Remarkably, Qeeran is responsible for all aspects of the album’s creation, including production, writing, mixing, and mastering. 

Musically, “IN RETROSPECT” is a smooth and cohesive production that combines soul trap influences with elements of R&B and hip hop, perfectly complementing the artist’s skillfully autotuned vocals. The warm and inviting keys in the arrangement provide a strong foundation, while the gently saturated synth elements have a calming effect, creating a laid-back atmosphere that invites the listener to relax and reflect. Overall, Qeeran has delivered a beautifully crafted album that not only showcases his musical talent but also provides an intimate glimpse into his life experiences.

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