Alvin Chris – Bug/Averse

Alvin Chris keeps teasing us with the music video of “Bug”!

The process is now launched: The promise of a striking artistic maturity, not caring about any labels: mixing rap, pop, or experimental electro, Alvin Chris is above all a complete artist and an outstanding author and composer. The well-crafted punchline, full of meaning, are flying, the melodies hit instantly, the flow is sharp.

With “Bug”, Alvin draws up a subtile and poetic satire of our consumerist society, over an electro-pop background. Without taboos, nor barrier. Just like an artist who grew up, assuming himself fully. It is Alvin Chris, and it is beautiful.

The “Alvin Season” continues.

“Averse” draws its influence from contemporary British electro and still breaks the boundaries between styles. “Being happy is knowing how to dance in the rain. That’s what I wanted to tell in this track. I particularly like the production of make a meal, who is the producer who produced half of the project and is directing it. A tasty mix of neo-soul and electronic sounds that I like.”

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