Dorian – 33 [Review]

“33” is a solid 7-track project crafted by the talented artist, Dorian, which includes 3 original tracks alongside their acapella versions, as well as the acapella version of “Reign Love”. The EP kicks off with the upbeat and euphoric “Do Ya”, which seamlessly blends elements of euro dance and trance music with rich vocals that are brimming with improvisational character. One of the standout moments of this track is the key change that occurs around the 3rd minute, which adds an extra layer of intrigue to the already danceable sound. 

Moving on to “Blast Off”, Dorian showcases his versatility by infusing the energetic groove with vibrant drill elements, without sacrificing the pop sensibility that runs through the EP. As with the previous track, the vocals take center stage and are delivered with epic flair.

“Notice Me” provides a refreshing change of pace as the most mellow track on the EP. The song features a rich dynamic range, with R&B infused verses that give way to a more pop rock-oriented ballad during the chorus.

Lastly, the acapella versions of each track serve as an invitation for producers to create their own unique remixes. So, if you’re a producer on the hunt for inspiration, give these tracks a listen and who knows, you may just find what you’ve been searching for!

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