Ceyeo – Lost [Review]

Ceyeo, a Chicago-based artist, has made a return with his latest single, “Lost.” This moving track touches into the long-lasting trauma that war can inflict on individuals, with the lyrics being told from the perspective of a couple attempting to mend their relationship after one of them returns home from hard reality which involves long hours of physical and mental strain, limited resources and exposure to extreme weather conditions. Despite its heavy subject matter, the song maintains a positive and uplifting tone, bolstered by the soothing female background vocals that lend a chilled-out vibe to the piece. The production quality is High-quality, with a clean, polished sound and an R&B-infused beat that feels both familiar and fresh, giving the track an old-school feel. The organic sounds scattered throughout the arrangement add warmth and texture. Ceyeo’s first album, “Machine Learning,” has already amassed over 2.5 million streams across 100 countries. The artist’s second album, “Baby I Care,” is set to release in stages, starting in January 2023, with the full album dropping in August of the same year. Enjoy below!

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