Pale Male x Rydell – Loser’s Lament [Review]

Pale Male and Rydell have teamed up to create a track full of soul titled “Loser’s Lament”. This song is an honest reflection on the harsh realities of show business and the toxic relationships it can create. The track has a wonderfully laidback feel, and it is evident that the duo has put a lot of thought into the production.

The bass line is deep and provides a solid foundation for the track. The groove is reminiscent of the iconic J Dilla style and adds a chill vibe to the song. The melodic line in the chorus is beautifully crafted while the rich vocals convey the emotions of the lyrics perfectly. The harmony-rich back vocals add depth and complexity to the track, enhancing the listening experience. The guitars and sweet horn lines are perfectly placed within the arrangement and add to the overall organic sound of the track. 

For everyone out there who misses the old D’Angelo work, click play below!

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