Swove Domas – Rub A Dub (Touch Me Up) [Review]

Swove Domas remains loyal to his motto, which suggests that success is merely an indication of the quality of one’s work, rather than defining who they are as an individual. His latest track “Rub A Dub (Touch Me Up)” is a fun and energetic party anthem that is sure to get everyone on their feet. The beat is a standout feature of the song, with heavy 808s that will test the limits of any subwoofer. Swove Domas’ melodic flow is effortless, and he delivers his bars with a confident swagger that perfectly matches the tone of the song. The track manages to be fun and super catchy without ever feeling pretentious or over the top. Swove Domas keeps things simple and focuses on delivering a feel-good vibe that will keep listeners coming back for more. Rub A Dub! Click below!

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